Quality Civil Contractors has the team of house painters in painting the homes in and around Bangalore. Painters play a major role in transforming the appearance of the house and colours play a vital role to transform and provide fresh look to your home. They are divided into two types:

Interior Painters: Quality Civil Contractors provide painting of the house/residence depending on the size/nature of the dwelling. Components of painting would consist of
Interior Walls
Texture Paintings
Wood Paintings
Green Paintings
Dining Rooms
Dressing Tables
Living Rooms
Ceilings and Doors
Green paintings are ideal for the people suffering from pressure, asthma, pregnant women, children and elderly persons, because they leave less odour.

Exterior Painters: Quality Civil Contractors are well equipped in providing the painting of
Garage Areas
External Walls
Stair Case
Wood railings
Window Bars
Fence Rails

Terrace Garden